Some Time the best comes easy

We make every bite count

The Satterfield Meat Plater

Smoked Sausage/Smoked Pork/Smoked Ribs/ and our Famous Smoked Brisket/ 3 of our great side items and all the fix ins

The best ingredients

Take an in-depth morning class in organic gardening with Sunrise Dew Farm owner Lisa Sandoval at her farm, then enjoy a late lunch on our front porch featuring exclusive tastes from her farm with your fellow classmates.

Holistic japanese teas

Come to our monthly wine tastings to discover the best offerings from our local wineries and vineyards. Free taxi service provided within 10 miles, so enjoy! Don’t miss our quarterly winery tours, letting you see where our excellent vino is raised and prepared.

Amazing Samples

Join us during the cold winter days to sample some fabulous cheeses from Five Cows’ Organic Dairy. With over three decades’ experience in fine cheesemaking, owner John Larson matches your wine preferences to the perfect artisan cheese. These annual events are a huge hit!